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Snackdinner is a resource for people who want to be better researchers and better parents. 

Google any parenting question and you'll be bombarded with articles, most of which are backed by research and many of which offer contradictory answers. How do you know which advice to accept? How do you evaluate research methods and truth claims as diverse as medicine, nutrition, economics, and education, all of which commonly appear in parenting articles? 

No matter how well-honed your research skills are, they'll be useless to you if you can't apply them to your life. What do you do when you can't get your willful toddler to eat any of the meals you've built based on your careful nutrition research? What happens when your thoughtfully-chosen sleep training method is backfiring? 

Enter Snackdinner. 

"Snack dinner" was a regular feature of my childhood. Deli meat, cheese, and bread were constant fixtures, which played well with a rotating cast of fruits and veggies and the occasional bag of chips. Most people might call this meal "sandwiches." It's a simple meal that covers all of the main food groups at an inexpensive price point. But "snack dinner" is so much more than that. It's a creative re-branding of a meal that transforms picky eaters into kids thrilled to be eating. snacks. for. dinner! 

Snackdinner works in this same spirit, recognizing that good parenting requires both research and creativity. Snackdinner's articles offer research-based parenting advice, but they can also help you cultivate your own research skills. Equipped with a better research toolkit, you can save money on gear you don't need and be less susceptible to the daily barrage of ways the internet tells you "you're doing it wrong." You won't find many "right" answers here, but you will find lessons to help make you a better parent and a lifelong learner.  

Research and creativity can help you through all of those early sleepless nights, but they are even more essential skills as your family ages. Parenting follows a life-long, ever-steepening learning curve. It doesn't get easier. It gets harder. But you get better. Our community believes that, with research, creativity, and practice, we can all be better critical thinkers and better parents. 

It doesn't get easier. It gets harder. But you get better. 

about stephanie


As a professor turned stay-at-home parent, I'm committed to debunking all of the bad parenting advice on the internet.